Car Show, Bilsalong, Autonäyttely, 2020 Galleria Sculptor, Helsinki

Motion makes time visible to our senses. When movement slows down, stops, or keeps breaking off it inevitably reminds us of the end of time – or death.

The works in the series Materian kooma (Matter in Coma) zoom in on the silent drama of skid marks. When I was working with the pictures it became clear how strongly motion and sound were present, yet simultaneously absent, in them. The pictures were evidence but also mysteries. The title of the series was inspired by Kun elän, a collection of poems by Jyrki Kiiskinen (While alive, Tammi 1999). 

I was also seeking out a poetic approach to the stereotypical “male context” with its worn-out message and imagery, something radically different from the visual world that real car shows feed us. 

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