Kaivo-Project, Mietoinen 2012

The residence of the Kone Foundation

During the Kone Foundation residency in Mietoinen, Finland in the spring of 2012, I experimented with a work method completely new to me. I worked in one-on-one cooperation with five residency colleagues. In our intimate work sessions, we handled communication and making art. We discussed themes that were actual for each of us and engaged in drawing practice together.

During the project, I prepared a summary of the themes of our discussions and exhibited it on the project room wall.
The sample of five residency colleagues convinced of the possibilities of such one-on-one work method. I was able to gather new and unique information about this particular group. What was new and unique about it was that the work method gave the residency colleagues an idea of what we as individuals and as a group had thought during the two months of intensive work. Without this information-gathering, this knowledge would have remained outside the scope of our shared experience.

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